February 15, 2011


 Gong xi ni, may you be prosperous, happy, fatt fatt, in good health. Health is wealth. You may be wealthy like the Laughing Buddha, even though Westerners may claim that having such a big fat-to-body ratio is not healthy. Would you let me rub your stomach? Perhaps after a good Tiger Beer, fizz rising up to the top of your stomach, developing into a jolly good burp?
 AOTEMAN, a pirated version of Ultraman.

Workers at a dim sum parlour in Seremban surreptitiously looking at their respective handphone screens during work hours... Notice the very ugly cool-white fluorescent lighting and the numerous hues of peach and pink... 


* * *
For Chinese homes, the following items are necessary:

 Ornate traditional furniture (coz you got da Chinese Pride beb, u lovin' da craft aspect of China) plus porcelain or ceramic images of wealth godz as display because this will attract positive virtues and money... money luck teleportation devices.

 A display with halogen downlights for highlighting alcohol (XO, etc) or Chinese Tea Collections, plus calligraphy and other Chinese stuff...

* * *
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2011 MAY YOUR YEAR BE LIKE THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH INSTEAD OF THIS ONE (ang pao from neighbours, very distant relatives I haven't seen for years, other married people who give RM2 as a 'token', cause they're following tradition, and maybe inside the packet there would consist of grumbling and sighs of reluctance too....... )
 (from more generous relatives:)