January 16, 2011

Disappointing Salad

 This is a salad from Secret Recipe, purchased for a vegetarian coworker who could not take the KFC the company was providing. 

This salad consists of approximately 8 slices of cucumber and 4 slices of tomato on a bed of commonly used lettuce. 

There was a fourth ingredient: onions — but my coworker is a hardcore 'spiritual vegetarian' lor and onions would be bad as it is a 'stimulant', so it was omitted from this Secret Recipe salad.

The dressing for the salad came in a separate plastic tub (not pictured) and consists of a thousand island sauce.

I have just uncovered the recipe to this disappointing salad, and I propose the name of the said establishment to be changed to "Lazy Recipe". There is no secret to this wholly insipid creation.

January 05, 2011

Musical Illusion

As far as I know, cats don't like things touching (much less covering) their ears! No wonder got that unhappy face... Plus those cat paws look as if it does not belong to our Sulking Feline Friend. To me, it looks like our Sulking Feline Friend is perched on top of maybe a cartoon dog's head!

Depressing Tshirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what the Musical Illusion is! Maybe it's that Nottinghill song by "Ronan Keating" which is played very often in all major department stores nationwide.


Happy New Year to the respected readers of Ugly Malaysiana.

The above features the floor of the bathroom which I share with two men and a girl (satu laki-laki punya girrlpren). It features some female hair moulded to form a strip that might resemble something beautiful to certain people. To me it was quite disturbing — fake marble tiles notwithstanding!

Previously the long hair would belong to the male housemate who listens to Slayer and Cradle of Filth but has now trimmed it for a more corporate-friendly outlook.

New Year, New You!


Lovingly done futuristic Led Art of Malaysia's current first lady gingerly walking down the 2d analogue stairs.
From i-City.
Photography: Dill Malik
Words: Bill Malik