January 16, 2011

Disappointing Salad

 This is a salad from Secret Recipe, purchased for a vegetarian coworker who could not take the KFC the company was providing. 

This salad consists of approximately 8 slices of cucumber and 4 slices of tomato on a bed of commonly used lettuce. 

There was a fourth ingredient: onions — but my coworker is a hardcore 'spiritual vegetarian' lor and onions would be bad as it is a 'stimulant', so it was omitted from this Secret Recipe salad.

The dressing for the salad came in a separate plastic tub (not pictured) and consists of a thousand island sauce.

I have just uncovered the recipe to this disappointing salad, and I propose the name of the said establishment to be changed to "Lazy Recipe". There is no secret to this wholly insipid creation.

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