July 14, 2014

What's Ugly?


Making us
The Laughing Stock
of the world.


Ini dia, embarrassing photograph. Apa terjadi? First world ke nih? Makan, leave 7-11 mee instant on such an iconic spot. Malaysians, takda harapan. Takper, tidak aperrrr bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No grace, beb.......... tak perlulah...

Leave it there, sebab 'someone will pick it up for us' lah, kan? Perhaps foreign immigrant rubbish collectors – we're giving them jobs kan? My sleep is important in the morning after tengok world kap at 4am, being a civic minded citizen of a 'aspiring first world' nation can wait.... this is how it's like n e wayz...

This is how it's like when we don't read signs to queue at public transportations, to disobey speed limits, don't give a fuck about being polite on roads or when we handle customers, coz I am getting really shitty pay, RM5 per hour or less. I have to work 5 times harder than those people kat barat, to get what they're getting, and that's why I'm pissed, and I won't smile at you.

And that's OK, I throw rubbish out of my sporty Proton car, who cares, nobody cares, we just don't throw rubbish in schools coz people would catch and fine us, but not now when we've grown up.

Throw rubbish at waterfalls oso ok, tempat rekriasi, coz we've got so much shit thrown at us before, tak perlu care la beb, leave it there and it would take care of itself, it's too much effort to go look for a rubbish bin...

I don't want to walk 5 minutes to a rubbish bin. I would drive to one, but it's hard to find parking, and people say, double parking would make another fellow Malaysian scratch your car... so...

I'll just leave the rubbish there, it would take care of itself...  

Foto kredit: mStar Twitter account