May 18, 2011



Hi lengzai, come and visit this blog, a fansite for Malaysian lengzais ^.^

this blog is a FAN SITE and is not meant to discuss anything political or discuss the personal lives of the lengzais being featured. it will only talk about positive things and is meant for the appreciation of male internal and external beauty.

the lengzais will remain anonymous (even if you know then personally), their names and personal details will not be revealed. the blog is also not intended to invade their privacy, for if they object to being featured, the post will be pulled down immediately.

This blog will feature the who's who in the malaysian lengzai scene, latest news, lengzai tips and anything related to the lengzai world^.^

so come and support our malaysian lengzais and make this world a more beautiful place! who knows one day you can be featured ~ Thx for the support! Share the blog around among fellow lengzais, for this blog will be made private for invited readers only soon! long live malaysian lengzais~ 

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