July 14, 2011

AsSEmbLy pOInT

Subversive display at the basement of Tescos Mutiara Damansara. I'm sure they would have used yellow ink to fill up the Spongebob pictures. Or not? Plus WriTiNG LiKE diS, doesn't it bring you back to the good old days of highschool farewells, where everybody would write "GoOD LuCk fReNz 4eVeR" with pearly, glittery, matt pink ink, in a commemorative DIY 'yearbook/scrapbook' made out of black paper*? NoSTaLGiA...................~~*~*~*~*

* Only applies to the 80s child, when highschool completed around the turn of the millennium. Writing with matt ink on black paper was de rigueur, so were drawings like "fishbones" on signatures -- very beach-themed. The author of UGLY MALAYSIANA is not familiar with the highschool writing style trends of today's youth. Do they even write at all? Do they just tap words into a Facebook Class-of-2011 group? I shall never know... I am aged and less in tune now...

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