October 26, 2011

Conversations on Ugly Malaysiana

FRIEND the airport tarmac ground crew in japan are so efficient and polite
  they wave at the plane as it moves down the runway and bow when we leave
  so weird!
  they remind of those lego figurines with square heads
  very efficient
3:59 PM then when i'm back at lcct, i saw a ground crew spit on the tarmac and some other guy playing with his psp behind some camera
  so tidak ape
4:00 PM UGLY MALAYSIANA: hate all that lor... :(
4:01 PM FRIEND: yeah
  and the airasia staff also not polite
4:02 PM the airstewards can be rude
 UGLY MALAYSIANA: like 'tak syok wanna serve u' ?
 FRIEND: yeah
  or, ugh hurry up la
4:03 PM on the way to japan, an air-stewardess didn't even bother giving me the disembarkation card just cos she assumed i was japanese
  i even asked for it
  and she gave me the 'duty to declare' form in japanese, that's it
 UGLY MALAYSIANA: how obnoxious..
4:04 PM haha japanese gurl..
 FRIEND: i said, i want the disembarkation form
  then she said OHHH
  no sorry

1 comment:

  1. yeah that's what happened to me too!
    Whenever i asked her for disembarkation card,
    she said: oh no!
    Then i said: Yoko
    and she said it again: oh no!
    and i say: kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me love
    and she said: oh no
    me: Just one kiss will do?
    and she said: oh no!

    so i put my headphone to her ears...and she smile..