March 16, 2012


Imagine all these billboards disappearing, dissolved into the verdant backdrop, leaving behind a sight not unlike a Singaporean highway vista. No more caucasian models in stock photos probably downloaded from Google Images, not purchased. No more wasting electricity to power the spotlights that will shine on strangely unconscious anti-design typography.

Imagine your drive through Petaling Jaya peaceful for once without such tacky distractions. It wouldn't be the same anymore, as you contemplate the shape of branches on the trees while waiting for the traffic to move, for the red to become green. Traffic jam minutes of contemplating on the nature of fractals in ferns rather than what you would buy at a home fair, or a travel fair, or in a fashion outlet.

We may be more human. Or what about billboards with Yoko Ono-esque messages on them, a hugely worded phrase, or some instructions printed blandly on a solid colour. That might be something nice.

1 comment:

  1. I used to drive in Japan and hated the ugly signboards and billboards. But in Malaysia, I love to observe these because they appear exotic to me perhaps. If they are graphically sophisticated, can we stand them to be there?