May 10, 2012

More Ugly Behaviour

A "peaceful demonstration"

As noted in the New Straits Times... 
(wow they love burning pictures of her, 
just like at the 'peaceful' Anti-LGBT rally in Serdang some weeks ago). 

"We condemn Ambiga's action, which has become the source of disunity among the people in the country now. She is also a supporter of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) group."

UGLY MALAYSIA sees a big disconnect in the above statement. 
Want to strip her off their citizenship izit? Balik Cina, Balik India again? So what if she supports HUMAN RIGHTS? Who is making all the fuss about disunity, if not for UMNO and the likes of PERKASA (see next picture). Hypocrites. She is fighting for a better Malaysia, for you, dear haterz. That includes you, the closeted gay haterz too. BTW, Obama is a supporter too.

How extremely rude! 

To Najib (or Rosmah?), why have you not arrested these angry fools? Aren't they inciting racial hatred? Perkasa Penang, you are culturally insensitive! Why can mock others but others cannot mock you? To Malaysian UGLY MALAYSIANA readers, do you want your country to be run by angry people protesting about trivial matters?       

A "burger protest" against Bersih

In front of Ambiga's house. These people said they suffered huge losses wor but as many Bersih 3.0 participants pointed out, the restaurants/shops/stalls that were opened had "roaring business". Your loss, poor 1Malaysia burger makers... and your loss too for not making much business selling them greasy saturated fatty patties in this upmarket neighbourhood.  

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