August 10, 2013

Selamat hari raya

It is with displeasure to announce that the author of this blog was a victim of not one, but TWO long delays as a result of shitty services offered by KTM BERHAD.

The photograph depicts a THUMBS DOWN from a disgruntled auntie, over a poster displayed in Sungkai, where people are stranded for close to 40 minutes bcoz takda elektrik on tren.....

The first time was a few days before Raya, stranded for couple of hours, without any reimbursement. Tak syokkkkkkk. End up missing another tren.... Aduh, tak effisyen. Nah, one more thumbs down from me personally, over KTM BERHAD's totally contradictory tagline of ONTIME EVERYTIME...


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