January 01, 2014

Happy new year oh...

Happy life in sunny malaisie. Happy nu year.

From pink coloured govt rooms plastered with A4 sheets with messages like "SISTEM OFF-LINE" to pink table cloths lit with fluorescent tubes in a restaurant called "De Tom Yumz', to dubious headlines inciting hatred for minorities or religions other than the one they extoll.... Our lives are met without much difficulties like war and unrest, don't need 2 worry ya, politicians keep telling us dat.

Yes indeed, we're grateful for the affordable greasy mee mamak and cheap iPon, Prado and how we can park anywhere without getting a fine. Even if got fine, no nid party also can one. Don't you just love it!

Tudung anime with two faded 1malaise stickerz, happy decorating the back of a motorcycle, spotted in Seremban. Love you longtime...

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