August 13, 2014

Sama-sama menjejak mimpi

This is the flat where my parents stay. It's under Pakatan Rakyat. Or is it under the Majlis Perbandaran? Which is under what actually?

It is still unsightly after so long, after changes, elections, droughts, monsoons.

Sometimes when the wind is strong, I don't smell anything pleasing. I smell this heap of hopelessness, tidak apaness, things compositing, decaying. Lives decaying.

Letters were written, phone calls made. I even posted this problem on UGLY MALAYSIANA. Nothing has changed.

My parents are older. It's hard for them to move out to anywhere better. Things are really expensive. Why can't they manage the rubbish dump more properly? Tar the roads. Get rid of the rat colonies. Somehow.

I pun feel hopeless. But the lady in their 80s, the Opah, she doesn't really mind maybe. Teaching the Quran, chilling out in her 400 sq ft unit in this SS13. Unlucky number 13? The rest of Subang isn't this way. This Opah and my parents deserves what the SS19 datins are offered in their sections. Oh well, it doesn't work out that way hor.

The more things change, the more things feel the same.

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