October 27, 2014

GUEST POST - Malaysia - standing in the eyes of da world


So I'm taking this World Anthropology course on edx, and one of the subjects we covered was refugee/immigrations in Malaysia. There's an interview with an "illegal" immigrant, that really got to me:

Robert: Malaysia for me is a world of trauma and a place of distress.
I don't say good things about living in Malaysia.
Gerhard: Nothing at all?
Robert: Nothing, because we cannot hope; we cannot have dreams. We can't plan for the future, and we don't have rights. We don't have rights for education. We don't have rights for employment. We don't have a voice. We can't say anything. We cannot complain.

Because, you know, we have more than they do, but we don't really have a voice, either.

— Melissa Ariffin

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