March 11, 2011

Malaysian Government Graphics

Taken from PDFs on their website.

Inconsistent logo designs Bank Negara Malaysia. Notice legs on the animal got hooves, some don't; one pair looks like scissors, the other looks like a compass (stationary). What a mess! Suggestion to all graphic designers in the government sectors: Please have a system. Don't just simply taruk or draw the logo out as if you are blindfolded. This is a corporate logo ya, not contemporary art ala Picasso.


  1. Inconsistent logo? Hunnay, its conceptual art like these that makes Marcel Duchamp wet in his pants

  2. We at UGLY MALAYSIANA prefer to set boundaries between "Conceptual art" (that will make Duchamp wet his pants) and "Commercial graphic systems" that form the backbone of corporate identities...

    UGLY MALAYSIANA would be a little wary liao if money is handled by such a mercurial, artistik-temperament punya government establishment.

    We do not mind if the above examples were of a magazine masthead, for example. But to stress again, not for the Central Bank of Malaysia...

  3. dont get so worked up doll...commercial graphic system is da bore if you know what i mean? Kudos to the designer(cue:who just want to have fun!?) some credits. Haven't you heard rules are meant to be broken? Like all banks, they all LOVE to endorsed ART!
    Move on already? kekekeke

  4. i love this, maybe i will print this out and hang it on my room before they being snapped up by Saatchis and Steven Cohen