March 16, 2011


DISCLAIMER: Probably the designs below are not Malaysian designs anyway but they are such a part of our urban environment. 

You see them in Pasar Malams, Times Square Bukit Bintang stalls, on housewives and teenagers, in certain dance clubs, or perhaps in bed hanging loosely and comfortably on your loved one's body. 

They are affordable, a bit gaudy, a bit incorrect, and also most importantly —very accessible and fun! The author of UGLY MALAYSIANA proposes to have a Pasar Malam Fashion Theme party soon. 

Irony is the new black!

Welcome! Don't touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Features a neurotic Carebear.

My The Star Fashion Girl. For fashion editors at the MCA-owned local daily, The Star?


(NOTE: The above face closely resembles a certain St Martin's College graduate of immense height and boob-size — for an Asian Gal. So sensually proportioned to the extent that a presumably gay magazine editor called her "DAMN SEXY" lor. But unbeknownst to my friend who heard that piece of information at that time, the aforementioned editor is actually straight — he actually thinks the St Martin's Graduate is "DAMN SEXY". Forgive my friend — her gaydar is still in its infant stages...)

The susceptible pedophilia may find this pink lace-trimmed number rather alluring. Just look at all the unintentional sexual connotations. This is the most ghastly out of the lot. Not for Gothic Lolitas, this is too cheerful. Lolita Fantasy?

"love me"? "red banana"?


  1. Designs like these make statements! MEthinks Monsieur MM is secretly residing in Shenzhen whipping up a storm with his latest 'anti' fashun

  2. neurotic carebear is the best. i'm gonna have a housewarming soon - i'm thinking Pasar Malam Fashion Theme!

  3. Dear Piccola, do invite the author of UGLY MALAYSIANA to your Pasar Malam Fashion Themed Housewarming, should it ever happen. It will be super sweet, super cheap but hopefully rather entertaining and non-pretentious. Will you also merge the fashion aesthetics with the sounds of Pirated Pasar Malam music as well? Trance, techno, Chinese rap/Cantopop, Kenny G? UGLY MALAYSIANA suggests you tone those down a little bit, unless if you live in a large bungalow with few neighbours in between... Pirated Pasar Malam sounds are not very lovely and the first impressions you leave to your neighbours would not be a positive one.

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  5. Picoola prolly lives in a Rem Koolhaasesque monolithic structure, its sound-proofed and music of choice would be Bananarama, Marc Almond fused with the Rasa Sayang and Burung Kakak Tua, while background vocal of Rihanna's acapella whipped into action. Neo Pasar Malam soiree is de riguer as long as anywhere near Mont Kiara.