April 20, 2011

Comment about the Besut Boot Camp for Effeminate Boys

born in malaysia, yes i am, malaysia have many races and religion, and muslim is the main religion in the country, and the 66 boys is a muslim boys, they were there not to be torcher, but to be guided, they were not force to go there, but were invited, if you can prevent them from being one, why not prevent them, i dont know how gay people feel, but if you feel that you could make them from not becoming gay, why not? well i dont really care if someone becoming gay or not, its not matter, really, that just left me with more chick i guess, but i still concern, but try to imagine if all of the human being becoming gay? what would happen to this world? what would you do to reproduce? tube baby? uuuhhh...yes i am homophobic, you guys not believe in god, thats what you are, gay people are disgusting, period, if you feel that malaysia is a worse country, malaysia think gay guys are worse kind of people, yeah there gay in malaysia, and i never want to look at them..gay sucks,.

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