April 20, 2011

'sixty six sissies'

Comment from Rey Buono in The Malaysian Insider,
I miss Thailand and its tolerance. 
What an ugly country Malaysia is!

Disturbing! Everytime Malaysia is on the front page of BBC News or The Telegraph, it is always for ugly reasons. Garbling the part "gay straight or bi, lesbian transgender life" in songs, never ending sodomy trials, intolerance towards Christians, idiocy...


New Straits Times, please stop using the word 'Sissy'.

I am reminded of traumatic highschool experiences, cornered by a pack of masculine youth,
mocking laughter and finger-pointing -- "Ha ha! Pondan, sissy..."

Them knocking down the toilet cubicle and pulling me out,
because I didn't piss like a real man at the urinal...
(I have a shy bladder, I need to be in a toilet stall)

What's a limp wrist compared to other offensive things like:
A foul mouth, bullying, hate speech, corruption... to list just a few?

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  1. is dat your wet dreams? gang beng at toilet?