June 13, 2011

Bizarre Sculpture

Taking leisurely drives in a MADE IN MALAYSIAN CAR around a random neighbourhood (with cookie cutter terraced units) can often allow oneself to stumble upon many "CEKIK DARAH" visual elements:

1) Turquoise polycarbonate roofs that make it seem like your porch is underwater — CHECK;

2) Massive stainless steel auto-gates with "ONG/PROSPERITY/LILLIAN TOO-INFLUENCED" feng shui symbols so robbers and neighbours know you are/aspiring to be TOWKAY RICHE — CHECK;

3) A non-working three-tier ornate fountain made in plaster with a dog clinging on the edge... — 

UM, APA NI????? Mak sedih tengok ahnjing begitew beku sekali, and only 1, x dlm 1 pair semacam fountain kat Itali yg feature 2 kuda ke apehentah binatang yg memancut air dari bibir... Skulptor ini lebeh mendatangkan imaj 'emo' bagaikan suatu foto yg dipamerkan oleh ahli fotografi sensasi Juergen Teller yang bertajuk: "Frozen dead dog, Czechoslovakia" yg beliau ambik pabila tahun 1990...

 Uncanny kan? Tengok paw dia...
Put your paw's up little monsters, boleh?