June 26, 2011

SPECIAL REPORT: Ugly Headlines for June 25, 2011

The Ugly Headlines on all major newspaper front pages are meant to defame Anwar Ibrahim. 

Here is BERITA HARIAN's frontpage for June 25, 2011. So lucah, so berbanyak seks. This trio was charged and was fined a few thousand ringgit each for distributing pornography. As you can see, they are probably feeling unashamed, with some rather bright smiles even, as a thousand ringgit (or two) in fines is equivalent to the tiny heartbreak of a RM10.50 parking ticket fee in KLCC for most Malaysian like you and me. Takpelah... asalkan ada justis... ? Because it is clear that distributing porn to the media and sneaking spy cameras into hotel rooms - all in the spirit of ruining someone's life and wasting the country's time and reputation - is a lot less worst than having extramarital seks kan?

The triumphant trio again (notice their heads are not covered by stretched T-shirts or the nook of an arm, unlike 'shameful prostitutes'.) UTUSAN MALAYSIA takes a more subtle approach to the case with actually a very pretty font.

SINAR HARIAN says, MEMANG ANWAR. Could you really confirm that it is MEMANG ANWAR, if there is still a 0.01% inkling of doubt? MEMANG, tapi tak boleh konfim kot... eh apa ni...

99.99% seiras Anwar dalam KOSMO. When was the last time such vile words were used so prominently on the front page? Indeed, too many times before - all related to the illustrious sexual journeys of one Mr Ibrahim. And perhaps Chua Soi Lek. Poor things...

The Star reports 'It is Anwar'.

Suddenly the views of foreign experts are relevant again? What about the 'foreign expert' claim that Teoh Beng Hock was strangled before his fall?

HARIAN METRO apparently does not care much about political circumstances, however filthy as it may seem. But it still is highly concerned about manners relating to sex and the male/female libido, as the above evidence suggests, taken on the same day as the others above it. Same same kan topik?


1. Regrettably, Chinese and Indian language newspapers
are not covered in this SPECIAL REPORT. 

2. The New Straits Times' front page
was so dull, UGLY MALAYSIANA
has decided against its reproduction here,
for the benefit of the esteemed readers.


  1. amat menghairahkan !

  2. omg is this the video of the guy who claimed he didnt wash his lubang after intercourse for 3 days?!? must download...