August 03, 2011

1Malaysia water heater - boleh ke tak boleh?

While you shower in the morning aided by this locally designed water heater, may you get an energetic rush from seeing that familiar phallic 1Malaysia logo embedded on the body of this humidity-friendly appliance. Notice that the logo serves as a flagpole to our Jalur Gemilang (the national flag ya beb).

Right below this, there are the words "Malaysia Boleh !"

But apparently these days, Malaysia Banyak Tak Boleh kan? Wearing yellow tshirt tak boleh, transsexuals cannot change names, Sodomy case also cannot lay to rest... Banyak lagi...

That "X" symbol next to the floral flourishes is thus mis-spelt. For a more authentic xperience, I propose a change of letters. Instead of the current brand "XMA", a more appropriate spelling could be:

"X Bolehland"...

[More notes: Tribal-ish tattoo element on a water heater bearing the 1Malaysia emblem. Shouldn't that floral motif be assembled on the skin of a 20-something girl's right thigh (tan from being exposed to the tropical sun and magic rivers) ala a localised version of Suicide Girls (sensual tattooed American goth-hipster girls) instead of being ridiculously printed on a bathroom appliance? Tak kena-mengena....]

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