August 15, 2011

AREA FOCUS: Damansara Perdana

Welcome to Damansara Perdana, developed by a certain "Datuk MK".

Datuk MK lives on top of a hill situated on the ex-orang asli village compound... (look on Google Maps to see his place of residence surrounded by green with a little private road winding up to it). His mansion with a pool overlooks the gargantuan new condo/office developments, with some half-decade-old shoplots and office buildings running businesses very smoothly. The author of UGLY MALAYSIANA specifically enjoys a restaurant there called SOON SOON, featuring the best bittergourd and fish paste noodles in Selangor.   

A selection of pictorial references could be found below, taken by UGLY MALAYSIANA one bright evening across a little stretch of street from a parking spot to a mixed rice restaurant near Jaya Grocers.

Warily, they border on the obnoxious, as if the reader is approached by very adamant Ah Longs, marking their presence, hypnotising you with random pattern making via money-lending stickers, until you cannot take it anymore and wish the whole town could be drowned with a flash coat of off-white paint, a fresh canvas to start a new life here in this risingly expensive township...

At least the landscaping on the road leading into this mess is pretty... 

Prevalent 'massage' centres with lots of curvy 'wrought iron' floral flourishes on their grilles (obviously to match the flourishes on their Orang Puteh signage!)...

Nobody bothers reading these parking regulations, therefore jom cover it with Ah Long Art. Cars are double, triple parked during lunch hours. When MPPJ appears like feared uniformed black and white parasites everyone just moves their vehicle further away or scrambles to pay for a ticket on these machines that might or might not take your 20sen coin in time of emergency. 

Who'd bother taking public transport to work here anyway! RapidKL cannot live up to their name... InconsistentKL boleh?

More Ah Long collage-work...

Rubbish dump in the middle of the stamped-concrete walkway. Unappealingly bad feng shui!

These Ah Long Sticker Interns really hate the MPPJ Parking Regulation Fine Print kot!


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  1. the garbage is an instalation (flies included)..Auction priced at 2.5 mil at least...calling once...