February 20, 2012

Luxury property next to a fake blue river from Mayland Properties

Ah, an artist's rendering of a luxury condo, from an aerial vantage point.
May we recommend that you ignore the Purple Times New Roman and focus on the lovely blue-tinted river winding gently through the landscape.

A clean river as blue as the waters of Cherating in the middle of Kuala Lumpur? 

Of course it is an impossibility! It is doctored: notice how the river becomes a turdy brown on the left... and the unnatural blueness on the right, only cut off by the amount of trees (too hard to Photoshop beb)...
 In reality, rivers are never as azure blue... even if there are no clouds in the sky... thankfully so. A teh tarik colour, perhaps. Without rubbish please — that's all we ask for... 

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