February 14, 2012

SMS style

aku ni mat motor..

simple2 je...slalu racing kat higway kesas klu nampak tol benti jap kencing...klu minah tol chantek ak ngurat.kalu ada mamat cute jambu encem aku ngurat gak hahahaha ..suruh top up minyak...ak suka berkawan...dan ak ramai kawan.. klu ok aku fuck.. berkawan biar beribu berkasih biar ramai setia pada yg satu.

nak suruh aku dtg tempat korang kasi aku duit minyak........

aku suke berkawan,berkawan buat aku rasa x bosan.......

bila malam menjelma aku menjadi pemangsa yg mencari mangsa.....

aku paling benci org yg belagak bagus dan sombong................rasa nak je aku langar gan moto aku sampai mampus.....x pun aku hentak2 kepala dia gan helmet aku..........

* * *

The above passage was found on a friend-finder website, written by a lean tone gentleman in his early 20s who enjoys posing next to his Modenas scooter bearing a license plate that begins with a "B".

This form of "SMS style" Malay is unfortunately widely used online on forums and blogs. Short forms and symbols (x for "tak") are increasingly replacing full words — a very speedy and economical typing method for mobile phone messaging but it is never a proud moment when I see it used in more serious paragraphs of text, for example, in political blog comments, or in the 'About Me' sections of friend-finder websites.

This form of writing also makes passages such as the above quite illegible to Malaysians who are not eloquent or well versed in Malay, especially so with its colloquial, spoken word form. Many Ah Lians or Ah Bengs will find it hard to grasp the essence of the Mat Motor's self introduction as they never really have had much exposure to Malay television dramas.

Therefore, a translation is provided below.



It's quite simple… 

I am always racing along the KESAS highway. If I see a toll booth, I will stop to urinate briefly. If a toll booth girl is cute, I'll flirt. If there's a young virginal handsome guy, I'll also flirt, haha.
I'll ask them to top up my fuel. 

I love to make friends. And I have a lot of friends. I'm OK with fucking… Let there be thousands of friends, and a lot of loving, but let me be faithful to only one person. 

If you want me to come to your place, compensate me with some fuel money.
I love to make friends. It relieves my boredom. When nighttime arises, I will be the prey that is looking for prey.

I most hate those who are arrogant. I feel like I want to crash into them with my motorcycle until they die. If not, I will also like to use my helmet to bash their heads. THE END

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