May 23, 2014

Marilah mengambil KTM bersama-sama ^_^

How wonderful it is to not drive and be able to experience our beloved LuV-hAtë city with public transport. Here is an example of what the government has given me, a typical citizen who drives non-luxury vehicle most of the time stuck in traffic, especially on the Federal Highway around 5pm (and shockingly, on a highway, SPRINT, etc)...

In KTM KL Sentral (Malaysia's main transportation hub!), some of the sights of publik transport boleh dijumpa, seperti berikut!

First, u can buy tickets easily ..... most people queue up for tickets but u can oso buy it yrself, BUT a lot of things u need to pay attention to, like they cannot accept new notes that have been out for A FEW YEARS.....

Oh the buttons are so worn out and disgusting, but takper, selamba, boleh fungsi. IF U DUN LIKE IT, U CAN MOVE BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY, CINA KE, INDIA KE.....

(Alternatively, u can also queue up with 90% of the other passengers yang nak pi ambik tren, and this is like human traffic jam BUT IT's BETTER THAN CAR TRAFFIC JAM NO?)

For the person living in the fast lane, Touch 'n' Go is oso OK...... notice the quality of the build on these things....................... HRMMMMMMMMMM. sticker yang cellutaped over steel.... mak ok jer.

In Malaysia, time is of no importance because we very RILEK that way, takper lah, tak kisah ya lambat ke tidak, they will wait for me ^_^......... got phrase we famous for, "Malaysian timing". 

In KL Sentral KTM, as seen in the picture above, time does not exist! No nid to be so effisyen la bro, we not like Japan (even though Mahathir ask us to "look east"). We dun have to even LOOK at the time la bro, the display takda functioning! Rilek jer......

(In Japan, the tren system is very veli timely one, the sign say tren come at 5.51pm, the analogue clock show 5.50pm, then from the distance you will hear a train coming liao...)

Here AH JIB BRO saying "we will give only the best to you" or something liddat. With that smile of his. Yes, the best, including a flimsy platform cardboard display (no need to be like some other countries where the signs are encased in a terror impressive INTEGRATED INFORMATION BOARD)...


PS - UGLY MALAYSIANA recently took the ERL to KL Sentral from KLIA2. While coming out from the ticket barriers, UGLY MALAYSIANA's ticket gave the machine an error message. It took about 15 minutes for the management to rectify the ticketing problem.

One of the TOUCH N GO gate also rosak. They had to hire a janitor looking woman to tell passengers "guna laluan touch n go lain, ini rosak". 

UGLY MALAYSIANA asked them, "why rosak so cepat? the gate look so new!". The ERL authorities said "banyak orang guna, cepat rosak..." (many people use, very fast become out of order).

KENAPA MACAM TU? NAMPAK MACAM MODERN, LOOK MODERN N NEW, shiny. NAJIB SAID HE WANTED TO GIVE US THE BEST RIGHT? Why places like SG or Tokyo, kalau rosak, cepat fix, and their central train stations have maybe 100x more passenger flow compared to ERL punya. Kenapa theirs can fungsi so well le?


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