May 23, 2014

Ugly Kicking!

From Malaysiakini:

A group claiming to be Umno Youth and Malay NGO members attacked the DAP office in Kuantan this afternoon. They damaged the front door and signboard as well as pelted the building with eggs

UGLY MALAYSIA wants to know, why OH WHY OH WHY the government or the authorities never say this is UGLY behaviour? Like samseng, I tell you!

Is UMNO YOUTH the gangsta's paradise? So banyak perkara malu these days. So hateful - towards minorities, non-BN parties, homosexuals, Christians, etc.

Why govt never tell them:

"Eh you do this, MALU for your party, people got young non-Chinese nominee who talks articulately, shrugs off yr shitty behaviour, has modern sassyness, and gives good hopeful speeches, yet you behave like GANGSTA ataupun MAT REMPIT, u want to show good example to people who want to vote for you, u want a BETTER MALAYSIA, you should not BEHAVE DIS WAY bros...."   

Aiyoyo. Betul betul perlakuan hodoh!

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