September 15, 2014

Nu Sentral Malaysia

Ugly Malaysia Day
is when Sabah/Sarawak
is represented smaller
in an overall map of Malaysia...

Highlighting the Peninsular...
For what reason ah???
Bukankah kito 1Malayshia!

(SABAH-SARAWAK, where one can find the true 'East Coast' of Malaysia, GUE MOHON MAAF OK?)

Scale project ni beso giler tapi ratio salah, betui tak! Dear readers, dun make this ratio mistake when you dasain your next pesta sukan poster ataupoon styrofom cutouts for the pink office wall... Janji yer... Ah...

Luv U.M.

This unfortunate instance was spotted recently by UGLY MALAYSIANA in the new Nu Sentral shopping mall.

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