September 11, 2014


You think we can proceed to wawasan lua poloh lua liddis?

See people smoking near anti smoking signs, smoking while walking in opis wear...

Not queuing, not queuing when the sign says 'Q', tak faham ko lu?

Then on the train everybody rushing in... Pushing each other, they scared of the long wait coz nobody wants to wait blindly for the next KTM coz there's no time table.

The cheap digital screens that should have been displaying information sudah dipadamkan, black black like the faces of commuters.

Only Najib's face plastered all over grinning, tagline about how the government wants only the very best for the rakyat, us. In the shadows coz the light bulbs are rosak.

Us, the people who don't want to drive because your roads are clogged up with ill planning and rude drivers who scream racist slurs even when they didn't see the asshole cutting their overpriced car.

And back in the train, nobody gives a damn about the old guy or the elderly woman coz they're fucking tired themselves, the signages to be a responsible citizen of Malaysia is not payed attention to. Nobody reads anyway.

No graciousness left isit? Why so selfish, Malaysians? Don't they, our authorities, see this happening? What's supposed to happen for 2020?

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